Performance, simplicity, no headaches.

Everything your company needs for remote access

  • No plugins or client software to install
  • Secure, centralized access with just a web browser
  • Long-term support
  • Connect using technology your desktops already support
  • Stable and reliable, powered by Apache Guacamole

Enjoy working remotely

  • Fast, stable, and seamless

    Glyptodon Enterprise is powered by Apache Guacamole, software which has been designed to provide a fast and seamless remote desktop experience without sacrificing stability.

  • Nothing for users to install

    Accessing a desktop is as simple as going to a website and logging in. Users can access their desktops using any modern web browser. There is no need to know how to install or operate dedicated client software.

Designed with enterprises in mind

  • Streamlined installation and upgrade

    Glyptodon Enterprise is packaged in RPM repositories which are compatible with any Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS release that has not yet reached end-of-life.

  • Long-term support

    Each major release of Glyptodon Enterprise is supported for at least five years and receives regularly-scheduled updates. Updates to each release are guaranteed to not break compatibility.

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