Glyptodon Enterprise

Remote desktop powered by Apache Guacamole

  • Streamlined Installation and Upgrade

    Glyptodon Enterprise is packaged in RPM repositories which are compatible with any Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS release that has not yet reached end-of-life. Installation of Glyptodon Enterprise, as well as any upgrades, are automated through the operating system’s own package management utilities.

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  • Guaranteed Compatibility

    Each major release of Glyptodon Enterprise is compatible with a specific version of Apache Guacamole, and updates to a major release will never break compatibility.

    Changelog for 1.x »

  • Long-term Support

    Major releases of Glyptodon Enterprise are created on an annual basis and are supported for at least five years: regular updates for three years following general availability, and critical/security updates continuing for at least another two years after that.

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  • Online Help Desk

    Subscriptions to Glyptodon Enterprise include access to an online help desk, where users and administrators can obtain expert assistance with installing, using, and maintaining any supported version of Glyptodon Enterprise.

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