Glyptodon Enterprise Scope of Support

Subscribers to Glyptodon Enterprise receive continuous access to updates, released regularly according to a general release schedule, and support for each major release until it reaches end-of-life. Updates are provided through Glyptodon’s YUM repository (the “yum” tool will automatically apply updates when the administrator runs the command to do so), while support is provided through an online help desk and ticketing system.

Support for specific versions of software commonly used with Apache Guacamole is also provided, to the extent that the support deals directly with using Glyptodon Enterprise as documented.

Release schedule

Glyptodon aims to release a new, major version of Glyptodon Enterprise roughly every year, though this may vary in practice. Unlike updates to existing major releases, each new major version of Glyptodon Enterprise may break compatibility with previous versions, and administrators will likely need to manually facilitate the upgrade from an older major release.

Each major release is a line of development which is maintained throughout its support lifecycle through issuing relatively regular updates, which users apply using the same package management tool that they used to install Glyptodon Enterprise in the first place (YUM, an open source tool which is included with the Linux distributions we support).

Major release: Annually (the only releases which can break compatibility). Major releases are numbered 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.
Minor/Maintenance release: Every 3 months following general availability (updates to an existing major release which add new features, fix minor bugs, etc.). Minor/maintenance releases are numbered relative to the major release being updated: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.
Security/Critical release: ASAP (fixes to security vulnerabilities or critical bugs). Security/critical releases are numbered identically to minor/maintenance releases.

Support lifecycle

Each release of Glyptodon Enterprise is supported for at least five years following the first general availability (GA) release. Users may open support tickets related to any supported version of Glyptodon Enterprise and can expect those support tickets to be handled in a timely manner.

The five-year period of support for each release is further divided into the initial period of full support, during which regular updates can be expected, and the final period of extended support, during which updates are provided only for critical or security-related issues:

Full Support Extended Support EOL
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6+

Tickets are serviced for all supported releases until end of life (EOL). Following EOL, users will need to upgrade to a newer release to continue receiving updates and support. Users are advised to take advantage of the period of extended support as a grace period for migration, using the time provided to migrate to a newer release with full support, rather than allow support for a production deployment to lapse.

The date of each GA release, and the expected dates for the end of full support, end of extended support, and end of life will all be published online, but are subject to change.

Scope of support

Glyptodon will provide support in the form of an online help desk, resolving issues through:

Subscribers may open tickets for issues encountered specifically with Glyptodon Enterprise (any version until EOL) and for issues encountered with using a supported version of Glyptodon Enterprise as documented with any of the following:

Web Browser

Google Chrome: Any release still supported by Google
Mozilla Firefox: Any release still supported by Mozilla
Apple Safari: Any release still supported by Apple
Internet Explorer: 10, 11
Microsoft Edge: Any release still supported by Microsoft

Servlet Container

Tomcat 7.x: 7.0.37 or later release
Tomcat 8.x: Any release

Operating System

CentOS: Any non-EOL release (currently 6 and 7)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Any non-EOL release (currently 6 and 7)

Reverse Proxy / SSL Termination

Nginx: 1.3 or later release
Apache: 2.4.5 or later release, with mod_proxy_wstunnel installed


PostgreSQL: Any non-EOL release AND any release packaged with a supported OS
MySQL: Any non-EOL release AND any release packaged with a supported OS

LDAP / Active Directory

OpenLDAP: Any actively-maintained release AND any release packaged with a supported OS
Microsoft Active Directory: Any release still supported by Microsoft

Multifactor Authentication

Duo: Web SDK

Browser Extensions

Clipboard Permission Manager: Latest version